... is my first ever entry to a game jam. Its just a little Platformer where every Level offers something new.

I hope you have as much fun playing it as I had making it!

Feedback is welcome since I’m new to GameDev.

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorMaxim Maeder
Made withGodot
TagsCute, Feel Good, Funny, My First Game Jam, Pixel Art
Average sessionA few minutes


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Couldn't find any coins in world 'Move'. Would be nice if the game kept track of which levels you beat and told you on the main menu. And how many coins you found, and how many coins are in each level...

Good game! (Though some of the jumps are frustrating!)

Hey Thank you for playing and commenting! these are some good ideas.

I do not know if I play the game in a wrong way but I can not reach any end because the character does not jump high enough!

Mhm weird ... could be because you have a really strong Computer. Ill look into it thank you for pointing it out.

Really great. Though in the Cavemen level, its unclear where to go towards the end. Except that really nice feel. Also, can you please tell how you coded that jump, if you did it in Unity?

thank you for the feedback !!! I made the game in Godot but i could still try to help you ...

Sure please tell how you coded the jump

Its actually pretty easy i just check if the player is on the floor and if he pressed space and then i add some upwards velocity. and every frame i subtract some speed so it goes down -> gravity. and i reset the vertical vel when im on the floor. hope i could help you.

This was fun! The sprites look so good!

I managed to get myself stuck (literally) in the caveman level by following the cave through and clinging to the wall on the left. There's a spot you can land in where you can't jump out.

thank you for the comment ... i will look into it



Some nice concepts in there. One thought is that there are also some really tricky moves on some of the levels, and having waypoints either just before or just after them would be great, so players don't have to go back to the start every time they fail a stage - they respawn at a point just before the fail - or maybe the waypoint is a reward for succeeding (and then the next tricky part doesn't mean they don't have to do it all again).

Hey thank you for the feedback and for taking the time! Actually there are checkpoints, there hidden away in the settings as natalie mode.